Welcome to the 79bits Docs

Hello, and time appropriate greetings all. I hope life finds you well. Here I document a lot of my technical understanding of General Linux, Virtualization, and containerization administration. I felt this wiki was a better solution for documenting technical information than a blog. Feel free to head over to my actual blog @ https://79bits.com if you like something with a more non-technical essence. This wiki system is meant to cache all of the technical “How Tos” for my future reference. This information repository is not intended to be the end all be all “How To”. It is here simply to serve as a reminder to me of functionality, and syntax. If you find some of it helpful, then that is wonderful news.

Be advised the Setup guides are “Use at your own risk”, and remember to NEVER copy and paste commands from the internet into your command prompt without knowing what they do in advance.

  • Last modified: 2022/09/12 19:54
  • by ashley